kind words from parents

André is exceedingly patient and compassionate; it is amazing to watch the children share,  take turns and understand that they are part of a community. 

He understands little ones and gives them just enough structure, and just enough freedom to feel confident, challenged, safe and nurtured.

André is magical at balancing freedom and caution.  He is always gentle and intuitively finds creative ways of redirecting activities. 

Through his genuine understanding of the needs of toddlers, André has taught our daughter the joys of discovery, the fun of getting messy, and the thrill of trying something new.

He is like a zen master when it comes to rallying the kids into a transition from one activity to another. 

Despite the energy of six children running around, there is always an underlying sense of calm. 

He is gifted at teaching conflict resolution skills and fostering good socialization. 

André is a uniquely wonderful person who does not try to control your child but, instead, has a way of playing with and developing each child to think and create in a way that works for them and with their peers.